Jun 18, 2001
Anyone make graphics for this big tank yet?, I have one ride on it and don't want to scratch it up with my knee's. Some are close but are not designed to be on the actual tank (AKA little holes to let the fumes through).



Jul 21, 1999
I doubt it. There's only a couple of companies (EE for sure) making graphics for the EXC which I assume would fit the MXC tank, although they'd have the cut out for the EXC shroud bolts. And, as you mentioned, none of them have the holes which would be needed for that tank.

I'm glad you brought this thread up, BTW. I just bought an MXC tank, arrived yesterday, and I was thinking about putting graphics on it. I hadn't thought about the fact that the graphics will go right on the tank and the associated problems with that. I think I'll leave it alone. I don't plan on using it much anyway.


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Sep 24, 2000
MXC tank emblems

I traded my EXC tank for the extra MXC fuel capacity. Unfortunately the tank has more gas than I do!!!

My comment is that the KTM emblem is very easily blown off under a minimal amount of water pressure. I was panning the washer on a rinse when mine flaked off on one side. KTM does not list a part number for a replacement.

Too bad they can't emboss the logo like the EXC tanks.
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