520MXC vs EXC transmition diference?


Jul 5, 2000
Hopefuly in the not so distant future I will be getting a 02 520MXC or EXC.
I am wondering how much difference there is in the wide ratio EXC vs. the close ratio MXC transmitions on the 520's?
I will be doing quite a bit of harescramble racing, mostly tighter woods stuff, not alot of open areas. Even the trail riding we will be doing will be tight to moderatly open trails.



Nov 8, 1999

I will post the ratios below, and tell you now that I have an SX (same ratio as the MXC), I would get the exc for tight stuff. 1st gear is way too tall with the stock sprockets for anything tight - for very long! For the riding I do, I think with 2 extra teeth in the rear will be just about right!
Here is the '02 ratios:
EXC: 14:34, 17:31, 19:28, 22:26, 24:23, 26:21
MXC: 16:32, 18:30, 20:28, 22:26, 24:24, 21:18

Wild Hare

Aug 9, 2001
I've got the 520 MXC. I'm about 5 hours south of Strick in the desert. I guess the EXC would be the ticket in eastern woods but the 520 seems to have plenty of juice to be lugged around in first in the tight stuff-IMHO. I ride some pretty tight rock gardens and it's not an issue. This is one area that I believe the 520 differs from the 400, the extra displacement helps if you need to lug it a bit. It reminds me of riding my CR500 around "off" the pipe...great thing about the KTM is there is never a hit when you twist it, just power that keeps on coming!:eek:

Both are WONDERFUL bikes, I'm sure you could make either work :)


Jul 20, 2001
The MXC is about 20% taller in first gear than EXC. Not saying you can't make that work. But where I ride, that would mean lots of clutching. Everything I ride is tight, steep rocky single track, or gnarly. My EXC is geared low, 13/52T. This combo lets me stand on the pegs, bounce the bike up and down, and hop up ledges and steps at a speed low enough to have a choice of lines, with enough torque to not need much clutching. Just my riding style of course. I see lots of people make tall gearing work on other bikes, but they often are off the bike, walking it up, fanning the clutch, digging holes, working hard.
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