Feb 21, 2006
Well i just replaced my kicker and clutch... finally..

I get it back together, and i start getting white oil comming out of my over flow.. obviously water mixed with my coolant

I took off my water pump cover, oil comes out....

So im guessing its the seal on the water pump

what numbers should i get, And how do i take off the propellar from the shaft, i have the crankcase cover off, but i cant fidn a way to hold the end so i can turn it


Oct 19, 2006
Here are the instructions, the earlier page just says remove the water pump cover. You should probably reinstall the right side cover temporarily so you can use the engine to hold the water pump while you loosen the nut. I really doubt you need to remove the dowel pins for the pump cover. Don't put the water pump cover back on until after you install the engine right side cover. You need to be able to rotate the water pump impeller to line up the gear with the crankshaft gear as you install the cover.

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