Aug 16, 2006

I recently sent my bike to the garage to get a rebuilt. Brand new crank shaft, a lot of new berings, all new seals, brand new carb, piston and rings were allmost new so haven't been changed. Also, brand new chain and sprocket. Total: 2500$.

Now got the bike back, when it is cold, everything is good. But when it's getting hot, the idle won't hold. It's gonna hold for about 15-20 seconds and then the bike will die. Tried to ajust the idle speed screw but it won't do anything.

Brought the bike back to the garage, the guys check it out and told me it's normal, that the carbs on those bike(those years) had no screw to adjust the idle. Sounds fishy to me... A lot of dirt bike will actualy idle. I know it's not what it's build for, but it should be able... So is that possible??? What do you think? I'd need answer fast if possible.


Mar 14, 2007
hmmm sounds really fishy. did it idle before? has it been broken in? i would check the carb and see if it needs cleaning. and also check the plug maybe?

john stu

Jan 7, 2002
that bike sounds like the idle is a little high to me and also a little lean ( the surging) and that bikes idle was adjusted by turning the choke knob i would adjust the idle a little lower and if it still surges (idle goes up and down) then i would try a bigger pilot jet and smaller diameter needle on the straight section but first of all check to make sure you have no air leaks
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