98 KX 250 Suspension Setup? Anyone?


Dec 27, 1999
Hey all,

I've recently picked up a bone stock 98 KX 250. I just rode it for the first time today. I noticed that the rear suspension felt pretty good, but the front was terribly harsh. I just about cringed every time I took even a modest jump. I think it might be due to the progressive springs in the forks.

I'm thinking I need to change the springs to straight rate and appropriate spring size for my weight.

Stock springs seem to be 4.8 in the rear and .39 in the front. I go about 225 lbs. w/ gear. I suspect that I'll need to get a 5.2 or 5.4 for the rear and either .42's or .44's up front. I'm a fairly spodely rider that rides mostly tracks with the occasional run through some trails.

Anybody have any thoughts on what I should do for setup? I plan on purchasing new springs within the next week or so. At this point, I probably won't revalve. Cash is a consideration and I think putting on the appropriate springs takes precedence. Revalving will come later.

Also, if I purchase new springs, what brand should I buy?


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Feb 6, 2001
I'm not a suspension expert but I'd say you definitely need stiffer springs. I'm about the same weight and needed stiffer springs front and rear...makes a considerable difference.

I'd check out MX tech's website to see if there's a MX tech shop near you (you could also click the link to MX Tech on the left). If there is you could give them a call and they'd be able to help you out as far as what spring size, brand, etc. would work for you. If there isn't a suspension associate near you, call the main office for MX-tech and someone can help you there. I haven't run across too many people (actually I know of none) who've used them or their associates and have been unhappy.

You could also check out Race Tech's website and use their "spring finder" feature. That will get you in the ballpark as far as the new size springs you'll need, but I think that I've seen most people post on here that the springs Race Tech recommends are usually a little softer than other suspension companies.

As far as a brand specific spring to use, I have no idea...sorry.

Good luck getting setup.


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Apr 11, 2001
DEFFINATELY check out Jeremy at MXTech. I've got the same bike, but had prob's w/the suspension being too soft. After I got the springs from Jeremy, installed them and set up everything to his spec.'s, the thing handles like a dream. The front tire doesn't wash out over berms anymore (new front tire also helped w/that), it doesn't almost bottom out on small jumps anymore, and it just feels great on everything. And while the price's are fairly close, you can't beat his level of customer service. He made me feel like we've known each other for quite awhile and one of his favourite customers.


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Nov 10, 1999
I've got a 2000 KX250 that Jeremy revalved and resprung for offroad work. He set me up with 44's up front and a 5.4 shock spring. I asked for an expert cross country valving for a 200lb rider. I would think that 44/5.4 might work pretty well for you with stock valving.
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