Sep 19, 2007
hey everyone i have a question about my yz 125 i went riding today evrything was ok and then when i was coming down the mountain i hear something break it shut off and back tire locked up and couldnt kick it at all clutch was acting up a little in first it would push in 1st with the clutch held in before all this happend so now the tire is free and rolls good but its hard to find neutral and still cant kick it at all any ideas i just thought the clutch exploded cuz when the tire locked up it grinded for like 10 feet then locked up my brother say it probably the bottom end or piston seized ? help a new rider out please


Oct 19, 2006
Yamaha uses plastic crankcase stuffers, no? The rod bearing on your crank probably overheated and caused the crankcase stuffers to melt away and wedge between the crank and case. Do not run the bike until you get the crank rebuilt.


Feb 26, 2007
nothing lodged in between the cylinder and piston??This happened to me and I couldn't kick the bike. My piston ring got lodged in between the cylinder and piston did some pretty crazy scoring in the cylinder. Wasn't nice. Just find out exactly what's wrong
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