May 24, 2007
To start off I have a 1984 Honda XR100. (Getting a new bike but not for 2 months so just trying to get it rideable.) Now my first problem is...It keeps fouling plugs. IDK y. Las time I had it running it ran good, never rode it, but it still ran. After about ten min or so it just died. Ever since then havnt messed with it much till now. So I just been cleaning some things up and took the plug out and noticed it was really dirty looking. Like there was white corrosion or whatever all around it. So what causes this? I was thinking its either my ignition or the cylinder is dirty. But if its as simple as the cylinder I'd rather no first then buy a $100 ignition.

Also I drained my oil and let it sit over night draining. Well the oil plug is striped so it leaks a little when there is oil. I put the plug back on and its still leaking oil. I cant figure out where its from. I was just thinking it some still left in just finishing draining but its been 4 days could it really take that long?

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