A good ride to lift the human experience.


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Nov 25, 1999
I've been riding for many years, 8 years ago I really got back into riding. Having a good job and income makes a big difference. Many of my friends are people that I met here on DRN so it follows that some of the best times are with my best riding buddies.
I've been fortunate to meet great folks and thru this message board, learned about great riding places, read some great ride reports, and many, many great gatherings. Occassionally, an experince really lights up your spirit. This past weekend was one of them. I think the planets were aligned or something goofy like that.
If you haven't had the chance to ride at one of the many places commonly talked about on DRN, you need to. Whether it is a track or off road area, you may get the opportunity to experience magic. My latest is Chadwick with the Heartland Spodes. An experience that I want to have again, SOON!
Now, back to your regularly scheduled program.
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