Aug 11, 1999
A couple questions regarding AMA sanctioned events here in Georgia...

1) At 30 years old would I qualify for a vet class?

2) What color backgrounds would I have to use for a 500?  For a 125?

3) If the event didn't have enough open bikes to form a class, would I be allowed to race at all (my KX500)?


AJ Waggoner

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Nov 5, 1999

Every AMA District has distinct rules of their own.
So classes and such will have to be answered by someone from Georgia's District ( if it is a recognized district..not all states are)

Anyway Im fairlty certain that :
1. over 30 is a "vet " class of some kind in almost any District or racing organization.

2.Back ground colors are VERY unique to every district but a fgood rule of thumb is
black backgrounds 125
white backgrounds 250
yellow backgrounds 500
KEEP IN MIND I know of no District or track that would make any big issue of the numberplate background or numbers..
run whatever you want,but use common sense.
Use very contrasting colors IE: white/black  yellow / black
Some combinations look good on a bike but cannot be read easily from any distance by the score personel.  
Those chrome numbers are eligible ..period.
add some mud and its a scorers nightmare.

3. If your district did not have an open class as a district class..several districts run what they cal Heavyweight "A" or Heavyweight "C" or "B"
This is 250cc and up...
your KX500 would also be legal in AMA  age group classes
like plus 30 or plus 25.whatever your age qualifies for.

You can probaly find a website or at lewast a distrivct contact at the AMA's site..just go to the AMA "districts" link.


Dec 29, 1999
Georgia is District 9. As for the backgrounds, I think most districts base amateur guidelines on class (i.e., A, B or C) and not displacement, while Pro-Am competition is based on displacement. When you find a District 9 contact, ask them if they have any background guidelines. If not, while it's not a hard and fast rule, it would be nice to run what the AMA suggests. You can find this in their rule book at:


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