Any Chevron price gouging out there?


Dec 27, 2000
Taken directly from the Chevron website:

The hearts and prayers of Chevron employees around the world are with the friends and families who lost loved ones in yesterday's tragedies. We will do everything we can to help our nation through these difficult times.

This is an unprecedented situation. Financial markets are closed; air travel is suspended; and the public is understandably anxious. However, it is clear to Chevron that adequate supplies of all transportation fuels are available. We encourage customers to follow their normal purchase patterns.

We are particularly incensed where any retailer is taking advantage of customers through extraordinary price increases.

We strongly urge all retailers to do everything in their power to maintain normal marketplace pricing since that is in the best interest of our customers and our nation. We have and will continue to exercise restraint in our pricing decisions during this difficult period.

Now for my two cents. I work for Chevron and it burns me up bad to hear about gasoline price gouging, and I want to help. If any Chevron gas stations are found to be price gouging, they should be reported to the company and held accountable for their actions. As you can plainly see from the exerpt above, this would be against Chevron's wishes. I feel that in times of crisis, the public will remember which companies took advantage of them and which companies did not. I encourage everyone to report any price gouging by Chevron stations to Chevron and the proper authorities if it is against the law in your state; or to Chevron if it is not against the law. In the past depending on the incident some stations have had their contracts cancelled with Chevron for defrauding the public. This is extremely expensive for the station owner, and some don't survive it. As of now, I don't have an address to give you to report this, and welcome anyone's input that does have one, but in the mean time if you will e-mail me at I will report it to my company. Information such as previous gas price, inflated gas price, station name and location, and possibly the owner should be collected. Trust me I love my company but this is not a Chevron commercial. Like I said before it burns me up to hear about $5.00/gallon gasoline and people should not get away with it. Moderators please feel free to edit as needed.
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