Oct 9, 2000
I was wondering if anyone has put a new chip in their F150-the Superchip brand-and what their results were. It is supposed to add like 30hp and 45lbs of torque. I have an '01 with the 5.4 Triton V-8. :think


Apr 3, 2001

I have Installed a Hypertech Chip in my Tahoe and boy oh boy it woke that puppy up.

It does, alot of things like advanced auto Timing, Improves shifting,you can change your tires and set the computer to ajust your speed-O,

I have had quite a few good laugh at some of the cars/trucks I have beat with this big Tahoe.

From the red light a red Ford Lighting was next to me we both took off, I was ahead by about 2 truck lengths then at the next light he flagged me to roll down my window(my AC was On) then he said "Your Lucky I was not ready" I said are you the same time a mustang (older 5.0 type) was ready as well.

I beat them both ...Lightning by 3-4 truck lengths the mustang by 1/2.

P.S. my truck is a dog with out the "Chip".

I have also done a shift kit and pullys ...but thats it

I was going to do exaust work but its a sleeper truck with out all that exaust noise and I did not see taking off the Stainless exaust.

dirt bike dave

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May 3, 2000
I put a Superchip in my '99 F150 with the 4.2 V6. It really improved the automatic shifting a lot and also helped with noticeably more power everywhere. If you go to the message boards at you will find extensive discussion of Superchip and other chip brands. Most people are happy with the Superchip but keep in mind you need to run premium fuel and it takes a little while for your computer to adjust, so all the added performance may not be there right off the bat.

Yamamoto - Pat yourself on the back for severely out driving the other guy. Tahoes are real nice, but a properly driven newer Lightning would have shown you his taillights.


Feb 18, 2000
Yamamoto, I would have like to of seen a Tahoe beat a lightning. The guy driving the lightning must have been totally out of it, besides, a GT stang will lose to a lightning, but i guess the driver of the lightning just plain sucked But congrats on making them look like fools. :p
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