Applied Racing "Works" triple clamp - no bolts?


Apr 6, 2003
I purchased the Applied Racing "Works" triple clamp for an '03
KX250 to switch to oversize bars and to get them a little farther
forward. I went with the Applied because it had pinch bolts in
the front, which matched my handguard mounts. Also the Applied
was the cheapest big-name clamp I found.

To my dismay, when I got the clamp it had no pinch bolts. I tried
my stock ones, but they were too short even without the handguard
mounts installed. I called the mail order company I bought them
from and they said they came like that. This seemed odd, since
the Applied website said the clamp came with "all necessary
hardware". (is it just me or would you also consider pinch bolts
"necessary hardware" for a triple clamp installation?)

I then e-mailed Applied and was told that bolts are NOT supplied
with that model clamp. I ended up sending the clamp back and
getting one from a different manufacturer (that actually had bolts
- surprise!) So if you're shopping for a triple clamp from
Applied, beware, you get what you pay for.


Oct 26, 2002
no bolts with clamps!!!what a RIP OFF

glad to read you sent them back.even though it was a hassle for you to send back,we have to let vendors know quality and service is important.

what clamps did you buy instead?


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Nov 7, 2000
no bolts with clamps!!!what a RIP OFF

I bought a pro-taper top clamp and the it was the same deal :( I got it from E-bay, but it was new in the box. I e-mailed the seller who is a bike shop and they told me they all came that way. I think I paid about 70 bucks for the clamp. I just bought some longer bolts and the "bolt bin" shop and delt with it.