Mar 31, 2000
This is the latest and greatest from a Templeton police officer assigned to patrol the area on Sundays. The land (several hundred acres) is owned by 5 or 6 people. All but one owner is against use of the land ( Unless you ride a snowmobile.....) That one owner is proposing usage of 100 acres for legal riding with permission. As of Sunday July 8 - anyone unregistered will be ticketed and towed,ticket $ 30, tow $ 60. Failure to "properly" attach plate is a $50 fine. anywhere on this land is trespassing on private property. Although the officer stated we were trespassing he did not ticket us or make us leave. I asked if we came back will we be busted ? He said " I'm not telling you to come here and ride I'm just telling you that you are trespassing on private property and our goal is to completely close down the area to orv use.
I will ride there until I am told I have to leave and don't come back.
He was thrilled that we were cooperative and didn't run when we noticed him sitting at the end of one trail. The @$$holes who think it's funny to outrun the cops and ride unregistered are usualy the ones who litter, deface, and disrespect private property as well. You people know who you are.....And you are driving the last nail into the gate that closes this awesome terrain to orv use. Everytime you run it just brings the closing of this place thru sting operations closer to reality. Do yourself and everyone who plays by the rules a favor and spend a "whopping" $30 dollars and get your bike registered for 2 years. and if you won't register it because it's stolen, then you deserve to be busted and penalized to the fullest extent. " If the locals show respect and play by the rules than it could take a turn for the better, I have a metting with one landowner next week to begin discussing open possibilities" (direct quote from the officer)

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