Oct 24, 2007
Just like some others im getting back on a dirt bike after about 28 years.Rode and raced mx back in the 70's thru high school and a bit after. My bikes back then where a 77 YZ 125,78 YZ 250 and a 77 400 Macio..lordy how the machines have changed..Been atv'ing for the past several years but it just ain't the same..Found a good used KDX and thought i'd get off the 4 wheels for abit and back on 2.....
You folks got a great site here, justkdx is where i'll be hanging around.....

Tony Eeds

Godspeed Tony.
N. Texas SP
Jun 9, 2002
Howdy from the DFW Metromess and welcome to the site :cool:

Have you completely filled out your info in your CP? Be sure and do so. After that grab a spot on the couch.

Fill us in on the who, what, when, where, and how long, and we will try and hook you up with some fellow members.

Have a question? Try search and you might find a plethora of information in the database. If not, post your question and you will likely get some very knowledgeable responses, sprinkled with a bit of humor.

Again, welcome to DRN. We hope you enjoy your stay here and come back often!
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