Jun 25, 2000
I wanted to test my steering damper so i took my bike for a ride on a track i use to hate and go real slow on and only for like 2 laps at the time. Now i did like 10, laps, fast laps! those dampers really seem to work.

However i still dont like my brakes and it slows me down! :(

The front brake, i have to pull too hard to slow down the bike, i can hardly lock the wheel on soft ground. I sanded the pads and it worked great and i was happy with it but it didnt last. What can i do? Its a '93 cr250

The rear have too much play but i can live with it.


Jul 14, 2000
Check the brake pads for wear. Also if you haven't bled them in a while get some FRESH dot 4 brake fluid and blead them.


Jan 19, 2000
If the pads have ever conatcted oil, forget it. Once a little has soaked in they'll never be right.

A leaky fork seal can be enough to cause them to loose grip.

some other things:

-bleed as above

-a bent rotor can push the piston in, giving a mushy feel even if it's perfectly bled.

-check that the caliper moves freely side-to-side, and that the pin (assuming your bike has one) doesnt have a groove worn in it.

-don't skimp on brake cleaner

-check the condition of your brake line. If it can expand under pressure you'll lose feel.

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