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Feb 28, 2001
On Sunday, I'll be buying my first real dirt bike, a '95 RM 250. I've looked the bike over and it seems to be well taken care of. Mod list includes an FMF fatty pipe, Renthal sprokets, and Renthal bars. The last piston and ring job occured in '99 and the mono shock was rebuilt a few months ago. Buyer is asking $2K. I think this is a pretty good deal, but if you guys think I can do better I'll take your advice. After buying, is there anything, maintenance wise, I should do to a bike this old before doing any extended riding. Also, if anyone knows of any problems specific to '95 RM 250s, I would appreciate it. Finally, as a new guy on the scene any riding tips or secrets a beginner needs to know would come in handy. Thanks


Apr 2, 2001
Too much $$$$

$2000 is a bit to much for a 95. I'd say around $1800 or less. We own a 94' RM250 and the bike has never let us down, and the bike rips. I think the 93-95 RM250's were similar. Also are you a begginer on a 250? Be careful if you are.:)


Oct 3, 1999
I have a 95 and love the bike. If you are a beginner I feel the bike will be a handful. It took me about a dozen rides to feel comfortable with the power hit. I love it now, but am in the process of improving the performance. A pro mechanic that has worked for the Suzuki factory team in the past recommends using 2 cylinder base gaskets. This raises the port timing and smooths the hit. In addition, I have been told that the factory silencer is the best one available for this bike. Simply modify it by shortening it by 3 -4 inches. make it flush with the end on the side panel. This will improve the bikes top end performance.

Make sure you break down the shock linkage and steering head to inspect the bearings. Mine were almosted rusted solid from years of washing and no grease.......

The top end probably needs to be checked after a year. Probably needs at least rings.

Price seems fair to me, but only if it's really clean.

Good luck and welcome to the best sport in the world.......



Jun 5, 2001
I had a 92 RM250 for 9 years before I got a new one. The bike never let me down and all I did was regular maintanence. $2k is fine for here, bikes must lose some points up in Canada (no offense king). I just sold my 92 2 months ago for $1800 and that was right in the middle.
Make sure the frame is straight too, along with the other suggestions you got. Ride the bike down the sidewalk through water then watch how it tracks after (front and rear wheel should be as one). Check all your adjustments, clutch, brakes etc. Also, check the rear linkage, under the shock, you might want to pull it apart and lube it. Here's something I learned the hard way and I probably speak for others too, check all your spokes and makes sure that the nipples aren't seized. Turn all of them and then drop some antiseize in them. I failed to do this and some were beyond repair!
Watch the powerband, they really kick in! Have fun

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