Nov 14, 2000
I need to get my tech 8's resoled, but I'm not going to with the OEM aplinestars. I have a problem with thier little removeable piece where there's the slit towards the boot. It constantly pops out and catches on the foot peg teeth preventing me from removing my foot a few times last weekend, I mean I wanted me feet to stay on the pegs but not like that! Plus I wear out the area rather fast too.

So I'm going to send them in but wanted suggestions on who makes the best solid type soles that wear really good. I was thinking of Sidi's but would like more feed back before I have it done thanks guys/gals.


Aug 29, 2000
I had Sole Performance in So Cal put new Sidi soles on a pair of my Tech 8's. The stock soles seemed to wear out quickly, and my kick starting style always broke the sole where the kick starter rested. The Sidi soles are a heavier (denser) rubber. Consequently they have not shown much wear at all, but they are quite a bit heavier than the stock Tech 8 soles. I think the price for resoling was $70 not including shipping costs. They don't change the comfort of the Tech 8 boot other than make them a heavier for walking, but then if you're riding...

I recommend the change, and Sole Performance did a very professional job.


Jul 16, 2003
I've also seen high review's from Sole Performance and have talked to the owner. He informed me he will only replace the Tech 8 soles with Sidi ones.

yam 3

May 19, 2000
I had mine done by sole performance. Excellent work. Would not hesitate to send them in. The sidi sole wear much better than the stock ones.
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