Nov 2, 1999
I am a very average rider who has a 1999 Honda Cr 250 which is rode only on trails(sticks, roots, rocks, slime etc). I'm 6 feet tall and recently lost in weight from 220 lbs to 180 lbs :cool:. I know that my bike came sprung from the factory for a 160 lb rider. Would I need to respring/revalve this bike for trail use or is my weight close enough. After revalving/respringing would I feel a "five hundred dollar difference" in the way the bike feels on the trail.
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Aug 25, 2000
Redrider, congrates on the weight loss!! With regards to your question, here's been my observations (about the same size as yourself, now. I also had a '99 CR, now '00).

Proper spring rate made the biggest difference, particularly in rear. The revalve was less noticable for me (MX mostly), but was still significant.

My recommendation would be to do the springs, as recommended. Several here can give you a good recommendation for rate, or you can check out Racetech's website and run their rate calculator program for yourself. Then spend some time with clickers, then, if you still can't get satifaction, go for the revalve. Note, for trail ridingm the revalve will likely make a much more significant difference than it did for me, as these bikes are usually way over damped and sprung for trails.

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May 3, 2000
I'm about your size and ride trails. My bike was re-valved by Factory Connection. They really know how to make the CR's work in the woods. :)
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