Jun 9, 2001
Thanks for the responses below on replacing the top end. Based on the responses, what is the proper way to break in the new piston and rings. Also, do I need any special tools to replace the ring and piston other than a torque wrench? Two more question on the 1995 KDX 200's is it common for there to be a rattling noise comming from the cylinder, someone told me it is? Last question, are the cylinder walls durable on this bike so that there is a good chance I won't need a new cylinder when I inspect it. Thanks for the help. It is much appreciated.


May 12, 2001
I believe the best way to break in a new piston and rings, especially a forged piston is to completely warm up the engine short ride with light throttle and then let the bike cool down. repeat a few times taking the engine through the warming up and cooling down process without revving it up too high. This allows the piston to take shape or thermally stabalize (my terminology may be wrong). Forged pistons expand more than cast and thorough warm up is important anytime you ride as they can expand faster than the cylinder and you know what that can cause.
As far as special tools, no.
Yes, the KDX cylinder is very durable. My 96 with lots of use is still excellent. One of the best things about the KDX is it's durability.


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