Dec 16, 2001
Why do 03 yz250 break kickstarter shafts? The one I have to repair also wiped the clutch cover also. It is a 450 dollar repair bill. Does yamaha have updated parts, can i put 02 or 04 parts in it are they :boss: better? I have done online searching and while this does not spread rampid I am not alone, thanks.
Apr 2, 2005
I have an 02 yz250 engine that put a pin through a transfer port, and killed the cylinder/piston in the process. The engine is otherwise intact. assuming parts will fit, maybe we can make a deal. I ended up putting a newer engine in my bike, so I'm all for cleaning up the shop a little bit and making back a little of my loses, Hopefully saving you some coin as well.
let me know
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