Sep 14, 2007
Hi i am looking at buying an 89 kdx200 for $700 and just wanted some advise before i buy it.The guy i am buying it off claim's it has a 240cc big bore kit on it and a 32mm carb off a kx and a rebuilt rear shock.He also said he put new brake pad's on it.And it has new tyres, cain and sprocket's.When i looked at it i noticed the front brake was not working and the plastics are faded.It comes with a maual and all the gear to get it on the road is on the bike.The only problem is the crank seals are leaking and the guy told me it's a major problem and can't start the bike or it will seize.The bike seem's to have good compresion and turn's over freely and has no oil leaks.does this sound like a good deal and if it has the mod's he claims it does will the performance be much beter than stock.thanks stuart


Jul 4, 2005
Of all the maintenance tasks on that bike, changing the crank seals (if that is all that is really wrong with it) is one of the more complicated tasks. I get the impression that this may be a first bike for you, or you are not already familiar with working on motorcycles. It sounds to me llike you need to keep looking for a bike that runs and is in good mechanical condition. A bike in that condition will need a lot of time and money to get going again.


Jul 18, 2007
I got one for 900.00 and have already put 3-400 in parts already and I am still not done. Raise your budget and go for a nicer one as this one sounds like a "works" bike.
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