Mar 15, 2007
this is the first new bike for me and im a little confused as to tax's, fees, etc.
i went to pick up an '04 in the crate about a month ago and the advertised price was nowhere near what the actual out-the-door was. lesson learned.
now i come across an internet ad that is over $1000 less than the local guy. it is out of state but the 'net guy says that is out-the-door.
local guy said(before i came across this deal) that he will beat any price.
so... even IF i have to pay sales tax on it, it will still be almost $700 better.
i dont even know if i have a question here... i just sold my YZ and my '98 KX was sold last weekend so i am ready for a new bike.
anyone have some good advice for me?

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