can you clean up a 4-stroke spark plug


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Dec 21, 2000
My question: I have off and on flooded the 250f, for no apparent reasons some time, change a plug, still wont start and after different techniques, end up having to bump start it in 4th and everything is fine...************* but now I have about 2-3 plugs that have been used and I have changed. They clean up well, can I reuse them? or are they like the 2stroke.. I know there is no oil on it but, is it worth it or just chuck them for a new one? any feedback?



Dec 8, 1999
Perhaps you should look at it in another light. Lets say you use a media blaster to clean your plug... you get a little grit in the bottom of the plug, it gets in the engine, and is just accelerated wear and tear. You could heat the plug up with a torch, and burn all the crap out of it, but then again, you compromise the plug in terms of heat cycling. Consider chalking it up to experience. Oftentimes the plugs are just gas fouled and if you let them dry out they will run again. Or you could put them in another machine that took the same plug (my FZR600 took the same plugs, and run them in that to see if they clean up. Usually it will run rough for a few seconds, and then clean up. A lot of work for a few bucks. Figure out why you are fouling, and fix it.

Let me guess, the majority of your fouls are right at the beginning of a ride? If they are, this is a notorious problem. Instead of riding off right after you start your bike, start it, and let it warm up with the choke on, but no load, until the rads are warm to the touch, and the cases are a bit warm. Turn the choke off, and make sure it idles, and is fully warmed up, and ride on.

BTW I used to foul plugs in my WR400 ALL THE TIME until I started warming it up. Have not fouled since (in over 6 months).



Nov 2, 2000
Sure you can clean them, but for a few dollars you can have a new one. With all the $$$ spend on aftermarket accessories why not keep a fresh plug in your bike.

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Mar 28, 2000
I clean mine with carb cleaner and a brass wire brush--they work just fine. If the plug had a bunch of time on it I'd replace it. Always carry a brand new plug with you unless you ride next to the truck. Finding and correcting the problem is important, also.

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