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Jan 16, 2003
Well, the time has come. I am going on a ride tomorrow and my dad is going to a dinner party. So that leaves me to clean the carb for the first time by myself. I have an 02' CR80 Expert. Is it going to be easy, hard, do I have to take the carb completely out of the bike, what do I do, ect., If you could please let me know before tol long I will be in debt for the rest of my life, well maybe not the rest of my life, but I will be very greatful! :worship: :worship: :worship:


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Nov 27, 2001
yes you'll want to take the carb out of the bike with the exception of the top cap and the slide. Take the two bolts off the top and then it will pop out of the carb. have a clean area on a bench or table to work. lay out some shop rags or towels to mark your area...An old crappy cake pan works great to contain your parts.
Then remove the float bowl. 4 scres on the bottom. Be careful as gas will spill out. The float is the two usually black plastic bubbles attached on a hinge. there is alittle pin that holds them in. BE SUPER careful with this. If you bend it you will screw youself up. take the pin out and set the float and pin aside. There is a little thing attached to the float called the needle valve. make sure you see how it is attached prior to removing the float or you will flood the bike. There are two screws on the side. On bigger knurled one and one smaller one. First screw the smaller one all the way in but don't mash it in hard. Just turn it in til it stops but count how many turns it takes til it stops. This is IMPORTANT. If you don't put it back in right you will screw up your fuel to air mixture. Do the same thing with the big knurled one. Its a good idea to write down how many turns both screws were set at so you don't forget. Once disassembled just spray cleaner through every port you see. Its also a good idea to use compressed air if you have access to some.

When putting the carb back together remember if the slide is round then there is a notch on one side that fits a tab inside the carb...usually on the right side. If the slide is in backwards it can cause the bike to rev too high or not fit at all. If its a flat slide it should be a no brainer to pop the slide back in. Before reattaching the filter look down the intake of the carb and make sure the slide is almost all the way to the bottom. If not when you kick the bike over the bike will rev wy too high...

Well good luck, you can do it.

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