May 16, 2001
Why does Kawasski put a non-O ring chain on a new kdx200? It can't add that much to the bottom line because of the total amount of chains Kawasaki would buy. If anyone knows what is the life of the standard non -O ring chain under normal trail riding conditions?


Nov 21, 2000
I have 350 miles on mine and i think i am on the second to the last adjustment. It must be made of pudding!
Soon i will update to a quality model as this is out of spec already.
Note: I have a 12 tooth counter sprocket installed, this caused some of the needed adj. I suspect the max life to be around 500 miles in any case.
Note 2: most of my riding has been with the family, so slow trail riding has been the norm. I think a good fast rider could wear it out in about 100-200

jeff joy

May 14, 2001
I have a 99 200 and still have the stock chain,the best I can figure is that my bike has about 3000 to 4000 miles on it.The chain is still in decent shape,I'm about half way through the snail adjuster,the only thing I have noticed is the countershaft sprocket is w'd pretty good but the rear is still in good shape.I'm a fairly agressive rider and ride alot of mud and hill climbs,streams ect....so I must be lucky with my chain,I do however clean the chain with a power washer after every ride and keep a light coat of WD40 on it between rides and it looks like it's still new.bottom line is keep care of your equipment and it will take care of you.

David Trustrum

Jan 25, 2001
Cost is the reason, you are now a Kawasaki accountant. Go price a decent o-ring chain & a cheapy both will get cheaper in bulk. Work out the difference. Now times that by the number of dirt bikes you think you will sell this year. Ooh that’s a nice saving, now do you think people won’t buy our bike depending on the chain it’s got? Hmm.

Buy a good chain & sprockets & try to forget the punishment you are giving it while you ride but clean & oil it often.


May 17, 2000
The stock non-oring chain is junk, mine lasted only 300 miles before it streched to the point of non adjustment. Since then I installed an o-ring chain and put around 1200 miles on it and made only two adjustments.


Jun 18, 2001
Can't imagine only getting a few hundred miles on a chain. You have to replace those cheap ass ones more than motor oil. I just made my first adjustment at 190 miles on an 00 220 with stock o-ring chain. Hopefully now that it's broken in there won't be anymore adjustments needed for a while.

WR 250

Mar 17, 2000
There is no question that an o-ring chain is the way to go if you ride off-road. The non o-ring chains are sometimes used on 125's for MX since thay sap less HP but for trail riding it doesn't matter.

I have put about 550 miles on my KDX and I have to tighten my chain about every two rides. The sprockets still look perfect. I use either Maxima or Honda Pro chain wax on my chain before every ride.

As a comparison, I bought an '01 Mojave at the end of January and have ridden it an equal amount of time as my '00 KDX, approximately 6 months. The quad came with an o-ring chain and I've only had to adjust it once! I've lost count at how many times I've tightened the chain on my KDX.


Jan 6, 2001
I had to adjust mine after 20 miles of break in. The next day I rode a 30 mile poker run (twice) and had to adjust after each 30 mile run.
The next day I installed a new RK O-ring and it's still running strong. I have to adjust it about 3 times a year, and still have 1/2 of the adjuster left...

The RK was $50 and worth every penny.....

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