Nov 9, 2000
I have just installed a set of .40 race tech fork springs. After I put everthing back together the forks have a click when pushed down about 1". when I push them down fast and hard ,they both click and make a rubbing noise?
There was not any noise before.
Any help would be greatly apprecated. I have a 99 kdx 200,mobil1 atf 100mm from top,that was changed 1 month ago.
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Jan 3, 2001
It's probably the fork springs bowing abit and rubbing the inner wall of the fork tube. It's typical. It may get better or ever go away after a few rides. It did with the last springs I replaced. If you think that this could be the noise, don't worry about it.

David Trustrum

Jan 25, 2001
It’s those damn Cicadas! Be careful when closing the caps that any of the little beggars don’t jump in. Or it might be that the relationship between the preload spacers/washers/& the new springs is different. They may be moving around when pressure is applied. Don’t think it could be a problem unless there was a real bad fit or misalignment & you would have noticed that on reassembly. You did include the washer between the spring & spacer?

Could also be the damper compression blow off valve clicking where the oil was thicker before? Maybe.
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