Sep 28, 2003
I just bought a yz125 04 and also new to the game. When cold and in neutral, when I shift to 1st gear, idle drops and also moves foward. Suddenly it dies if I dont keep the idle up. Im some what mechanically inclined and seems to me the clutch is not fully disengaging. My clutch free play is in specs and I called around and have been told this is some what normal. But at operating tempature its okay.WHAT IS UP WITH MY BIKE. please help me, thanks.


Jan 10, 2002
Originally posted by hawaiiyz125
WHAT IS UP WITH MY BIKE. please help me, thanks.

Just relax and spend more time warming it up. Your bike is a wet clutch and when the oil is cold it don't work right. Also you can rev the bike in nuetral and pull the clutch in and out to warm it up faster.

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