%@&! cold hearted thieves


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Jan 25, 2000
We went to hike down by the Santa Ana river yesterday, and parked near two other vehicles. When we returned, we found the drivers side window smashed and all of my tools/spare parts missing from the trunk. The other two vehicles were already gone, but with the smashed glass near their parking space, it's possible they were broken into as well.

I keep nearly all my tools in the trunk so I won't forget them and it's also a throwback from my apartment days when I had to do motorcycle maintenance in underground parking. Now, the tools didn't have a great value other than sentimental (I had some of them for over thirty years), but now I have the job of replacing them. I'll always remember that Motion Pro spark plug wrench that I won at the Club Moto night series.:( It couldn't be used on four strokes, but that's beside the point.

The question is - what are someone's old tools worth to these heartless punks? A few bucks at most? Certainly a tiny fraction of the replacement cost.



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Oct 13, 1999
Check the local pawn shops. That's where most of these items end up.


Apr 13, 2000
Originally posted by holeshot
The question is - what are someone's old tools worth to these heartless punks? A few bucks at most? Certainly a tiny fraction of the replacement cost.


I was in the same boat about 5 years ago. I had moved out of state for a year so I put alot of stuff in storage. The weekend I planned on moving everything out I was feeling pretty lazy so I figured I would do it next weekend.

I showed up to empty out my items and discovered they had been stolen the night before. My wife, which I had only met a few weeks before, told me later that she could see the disgust and hurt in eyes.

The thing that irritated me the most were my tools. Alot of them came from my father who had passed away 2 years earlier. There were tons of tools, he used to drive trucks, so the tools accumulated over the years. Like Holeshot it was more sentimental than anything.

The only item ever recovered was a floor jack and what they didnt take they destroyed.

My wife thinks I am nut for leaving the garage closed and covering the bikes all the time. Hey I just dont wont people scoping out my stuff.


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Nov 22, 2000

One of my pet peeves. RMJeff, people make fun of me cuz I'm hyper-sensitive about my stuff too. I met a group for a ride a couple years ago, and found that I had left my boots at home. I loaded everything back up and went back for my boots. Half the group bagged on me cuz I refused to leave my bike there. The other half understood. I lost an XR250 to @#%&* thieves a few years ago, and I am not gonna take any chances.

If I ever catch some lowlife scumbag dork stealing my stuff, I WILL violate his civil rights.


Dec 3, 1999
I have the pleasure of prosecuting thieves. I have a special place in my heart for those that mess with dirtbikers! The most recent case I have involves two juveniles that stole a '99yz 250 and a '98 kx250. They were caught. They yz was dumped in a deserted canyon because, according to the kid "it had too much power to ride" and the kx was tossed into the snake river somewhere and still has not been recovered. At least they were caught but the little dirtbags probably won't cough up two cents to pay restitution.


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Nov 25, 1999
Sign in my yard.

Shoot 1st.
Bury 'em deep.
Deny! Deny! Deny!:think


Apr 1, 2001
Jeff, I can relate to the garage thing. In my old neighborhood the neighbor across the street had his roll-away toolbox disappear while he was inside his house taking a lunch break!:think


Mar 29, 2001
if they just steal your bike and not steal it and destroy, well, can't they invent a tracking device for dirtbikes? they have them for cars. i realize i am underestimating a lot here, probably, but it can't be that hard to install some sort of tracking device on a dirtbike. though, itd have to be smaller than those suited for a car:think
just a thought.


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Mar 25, 2001
I cant remember where I saw it, so I cant list a source, but I once read an article about a tracking device for motorcycles. So yes they do exist. Sorry, that I can't give you any more info than that. :(


Apr 2, 2001
Speaking of theiving, yesterday my friend got his 96'YZ80 back finally four years later. And believe it or not the bike came back in mint cond(same as it was when it got stolen). Whoever stole it, sold it to someone 5hrs south of hear(Vancouver area) and that person must of kept in storage or something.:)

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Oct 1, 2000
A year ago my brother got his dr250 stolen. He had it parked at his work in a fenced in area where the dumpster was, so he thinks it was one of the low life waste management people

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Aug 15, 2000
Feel ya ! been there!

had the Unpleasure of having by first new bike stole 85 honda 200x © I went nuts the guy i was renting a room from© would'nt keep any thing locked© so my bike was gone, stole from his unlocked garage:<¥¥ I cruised all the riding spots© low and behold a shiny brand new 200x with a dent in the fuel tank? luck them three wheels rolled so easy© well to make a long story real short he said it was his, what I did I want to about it? I said the law was on my said and beat his face to a pulp! put my bike in a friends truck at the pit and took it home!
Funny thing, about ten years latter© I'm having my new house built© and one of the roofers come up to me and starts apologizing? said he was sorry he was such a fool, when he was a kid© took awhile for me to reognize him and rememeber him, I think I said dose'nt your boss pay by the hour !
Oct 30, 2000
while we're on stolen bikes

picture this

1985, 17yo uni student, saved like a dog, buy new dr250 - only vehicle

sytolen No. 1 - out side grnd floor apartment door middle of night, get up in morning, go to throw the leg over, where the $%&^@@ is my bike! found 2 weeks later in swamp. rebuild & ride

stolen No. 2 - parked at front door of house while at a party (go to leave; where the $%&^@@ is my bike!!). i found it 2 days later in drain (they didnt have the brain power to overcome the chain & hidden kill switch). rebuild & ride.

stolen No. 3 - parked at pub, go in for a few beers & meal, come out, where the $%&^@@ is my bike!!!, only thing left is the cut chain link where it was chained to light pole at pub door. this time it didnt come back

in the 14 years since last stolen & 7 bikes since, all have been insured & none have gone missing.

wheres murphey!
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