Aug 5, 2001
What will the XR line look like after the CRF-XR conversion, when considering the new 650's? Will the new 400/450 XR be more like the CRF's or the XR650's? I think we assume (hope), the new 400-450's will be more like the CRF's. If so, why did Honda spend the R&D on the 650, just to use it for the 650? The XR line would be mixed up with 3 generations of technology (old, 650 tech, and CRF tech). Or does the 650 have more in common with the CRF than I assume?

What are YOUR opinions on how Honda will mix the new CRF tech, XR650 tech into the "traditional" XR line?


Feb 10, 2001
Well I think it would be smart of them to use the same engine. An engine that compact and lightweight is a good starting point and on a side note, I think Honda thumpers with that Unicam design will be the lightest for a long time. I don't think any other brand will be able to design something like that with current designs, but anyway... I don't know if they'll use the same frames or not. I think if they do it would need to be modified to make it work better in the woods, but on the other hand, they are super light. I think no one can honestly say the have a clue what Honda will do, but I can say I'm waiting...rather impatiently :confused:


Aug 8, 2000
I think (hope) that they will use the Aluminum frame design of the 650, combined with engine and 'hopefully' inverted forks off of CRF, but with flywheel weight and softer springs and valving for woods. The engine would also need to be wound to power a headlight. I think they should redo the 250 and 400, and maybe the 200. Leave the 100 with aircooling, but maybe ad disc brakes, 25cc and better suspension. These are my dreams, and maybe, in the next 5 years, this will happen.


AssClown SuperPowers
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Aug 2, 2000
I wouldn't discount that CRF frame yet. The XR650R is made for one thing, and one thing only--Baja domination. Scott Summers just happens to be a freak of nature, and that's why he races the XR650R in the woods.

I would venture a guess that we will see an XRF450R in 2003, and they will still make the venerable XR400R, since it is a popular (and extremely reliable) bike in its own right. And I'm not just blowing sunshine up your skirt because I own one--that sucker's on the move list! There'll be a new CRF/XRF/KTM in the Predcave in the near future.

I'd even go so far as to say when the CRF250R comes out, there'll be an XR version of it right beside it. And the old XR250 will still be there as well. Honda won't mess with success, at least until they don't sell.


Jul 12, 2000
I'd say that without a doubt in the near future we may see the answer to these questons. Honda is having their dealer show on the 19th and is supposed to unveil a bunch of new 2002 models that up to this point haven't been shown (as well as RC). I'm sure most of them will be street bikes but maybe Honda will have something in store for the dirt riders as well. Honda sees the big market there is for the WR's and KTM EXC's and won't let it get away.


Jan 4, 2001
I could see Honda doing the same with the CRF as Yamaha did with the YZ/WR's. Making the XRF as race oriented and as close to the motocross bike as posable. Heck, they still have the XR's and those are already better then the TT-R's!
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