Jan 12, 2002
I got one for my wife this spring. We love it. The handlebars will only handle one crash, but that's to be expected of stock bars.

Front disk is nice. Conventional forks, so no adjustments. There also aren't any clickers on the shock. Stock suspension works pretty good, though. My wife will never need to adjust it, and I bombed around on it for an hour one day and I thought the suspension was nice (I only weigh 158 lbs though).
Electric start is cool, I don't have to kick-start her bike for her.


Mar 7, 2003
I had mine for about 9 months before I wanted to move up and traded it for a 04 CRF450R. I liked the bike for just some trail ridding with my son but if you decide to do any riding on a track you will find the bike heavy and suspension is soft. The electric start was great and I didn't find the power to be bad at all. Overall a good fun bike!


Mi. Trail Riders
Nov 14, 2002
I've ridden a xr200 and a crf230. adn well i think the crf has a little more power than the xr all around. but my friend who owns the xr200 thinks the xr has better bottom but not as good top. but i didnt really ride the crf hard, just around my friends house. and the front brake is strong, and it has good tourque. i'd say if your just gonna be using it for what it was made for, then it's good.

Bet On Red

Aug 11, 2003
so you're going to get the 230 instead of the 250?

I have both the crf230 and a cr125... I enjoy the 230 when going through trails. the 125 is ten times the fun factor though :)

We should meetup and ride sometime... I'm from torrance

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