Nov 25, 2002
My wife and I are taking a 4 night carnival cruise on October 9th from Tampa, FL to Cozumel, Mexico. Just wondering if anybody here had been to Cozumel.

Looking for ideas on what is fun to do and what not to do. I heard the snorkeling is great and so is the Jeep Safari. Any input is appreciated.


Aug 30, 2002
I did the western carabien cruise out of Miami to Cozumel last December, anyways the food on the cruise is awsome. I did the snorkeling and it was fun, but the snorkeling isn't that great, but the beach party was. I liked the snorkeling off paladecarmen/cancon alot better. The drink prices on the boat are a joke, but I won $400 in the casino so that covered are drinks. We went out on the main strip of Cozumel and stopped at some bars and that was ok. The main street is lined with shops and people trying to make you deals. I never got off the main street, the side streets look alittle sketchy. Also don't rent the scooters, people don't know how to drive down there, in the TAXI on the way back to the ship we saw two people laying in the streat covered in white sheets. I guess they got ran over by a produce truck. Have fun and be careful.


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Oct 28, 2001
If it is at all possible, get certified in scuba diving before the trip. The Caribbean has a fantastic underwater world that you just have to experience to believe. Find a local shop that will give you a condensed course and open water certification.

Cozumel has some spectacular reefs to dive. We were 80' down for 40 minutes, the water felt like 80 degrees (just wore a bathing suit), and the water was so clear it looked as if we were only 15' deep.


Dec 10, 2002
Cozumel is fun, If cost is an issue I would aviod doing anything that is booked through the crusieline, as there will be a premium paid. It has been many years, but last time I was there, we hopped in a bad, and told the driver to take us to the marina, from there we negotiated someoene to take us out fishing, the cost was about 1/2 of what it would have cost to book a fishing trip from the cruise line.

Also make sure you actually go to cozumel, and not the little villiage built near the cruise line's ship dock.

With some more free time you could catch a boat to cancun which I believe is the next island over...


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Apr 18, 2000
I lived on Cozumel for 5 years. The diving is great but you have to get with a good dive operator. Cozumel itself has turned into a huge tourist trap with as many as 15 cruise ships a day. When you come in you will dock at Puerto Maya which is just a cruise a cruise ship area with lots of shopping and bars. Downtown Coz is mostly diamond and jewlery stores in case you want to buy your wife a diamond ring. For diving , fishing or snorkeling check out and speak to Rita she can charter you one of her boats for the day and you will have a great time. They will pick you up and drop you off at the cruise ship dock which will save you about $50 in cab fares. If you really want a thrill take a ferry over to Playa del Carmen and do a tandem skydive with my friend Mike at Skydive Playa. They are located in the mall next to Senior Frogs right at the end of the ferry dock. Book in advance and be prepared to pay top dollar for everything. Have fun.
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