Cycra Pro-Bend Handguards w/Triple-Clamp Mount.



I am looking at this set-up and was wondering if anyone has any experience with the triple-clamp mount in particular. Is it a universal or bike-specific part? I have heard that this is a great set-up. The mount and the "Pro-Bend" dip in the handguard will be the two detrmining factors in me purchasing this system over Enduro-Engineering's handguards/shields.
For the record, I am running Pro-Tapers, stock triple-clamp.


Jul 21, 1999
You're screwed as far as the inner mounts are concerned. The Cycra and SRC inner BB mounts use the top triple clamps pinch bolts to mount. The pinch bolts must be in the front of the clamps. The stock KTM triple clamps have used rear pinch bolts at least since 98.

SRC makes a model for side entry front pinch bolts or front entry bolts. Cycra only makes a side entry model.

I have Scott's 18mm top and bottom triple clamps on my 400EXC and they have the front pinch bolts so I was able to use the Cycra inner mounts. I love them. I actually had the SRC style on there to start with. Not sure how much detail you want but here goes anyway. :)

I had the SRC inner mounts with EE handguards. I'd installed CR Hi pro-tapers cut down to 30". I had to do a lot of bending of the EE BB's to get them to fit and when I was done I didn't have enough room for the levers. I don't like cutting them down so I moved them inboard as much as I could and cut a piece of the plastic shield out. I didn't like it but it worked.

I then installed the Cycra probends as they are 17.5" end to end as opposed to the 16" EE's. I still had to customizes the bend (Fact of life with the clamp mounted inner mounts. Hope you have a good vise.) but they gave me the room I was looking for inside the bend. I let a friend ride my bike and he had a moderate biff with it. The probend collapsed a bit at the bend. I was able to straighten it at home but it made me go 'hmmm'.

Then I started to notice that little trees were getting into the bend area of the probends and smacking my fingers. It happened at speed in the tight woods when deflecting small saplings with the hand guards, especially while leaned into a corner. Hurt pretty good at times.

I already owned the Cycra inner clamps as they came with the Probends when I bought them. I didn't put them on as I didn't think I needed to. But I decide to take a look at them and compared them to my SRC ones. They locate the mounting hole about an inch futher towards the outside. So I installed them and rebent the EE guards to fit those. Problems solved. Now I have room inside plus a stronger straight guard that doesn't let stuff hit my hands.

Probably more information than you needed but you asked! :)


Aug 30, 2000
Front Mount Handguards

Big Lou - erider (DRN sponsor) manufactures a top triple clamp with the handguard mounts that bolt directly into the front face of the triple clamp. The Acerbis Rally Pro guards work well with this system, and other handgurad types can be adapted as well. You can view it on-line - click on logo at left.


Thanks, guys!

JEB-That is exactly the kind of detailed info I was hoping for. dkmc-I will go there now and check it out. Looks like I may go with the Pro-Bends and the standard bar mounts ( for the Pro-Tapers). I probably wouldn't have noticed the bolts on the triple-clamp until I went to install! I like the Enduro Engineering model and they are a bit cheaper than the Cycra's, but they don't have the "Pro-Bend" to let your hands get out sideways. Maybe I'll flip a coin!


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Mar 16, 2001
Charlestown, IN
Summers Racing is working on a guard for the stock KTM clamp. No idea when it will be available. I decided to go with Fredette Hand Savers until Summers had their guards ready. I may not switch now, I like the Fredette guards mucho. I looked at the Cycra's, but they are a bit pricey for me.
Be ready to tweek just about any guard you purchase.


Well, after a little debating, I ordered the Cycra's from MXSouth. Just went with the standard (Pro-Taper) mount. Their "Right Fit" system seems to work very well for minimal or no tweaking.
I'm not one to plow into trees like some, (just 426's;) ) but I had to have something. I was told for months and didn't get anything. Now, three weeks after my run-in with Blue Thunder, my right hand is still paying the price. But hey, at least I'm able to grip a tennis ball and feed myself now!:)
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