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Jan 1, 2001
Does any one know what the true story is? I've read some letters to the editor in Cycle News and it seems that the way AMA district 37 is treating the Desert Vipers is just wrong. Of course D37 disputes the Desert Viper's claims.

What is the real story?

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Feb 25, 2001
I'm from Dist.37 and what I heard from reliable sources is that Dist. 37 has made it mandatory that all Dist.37 races must require everyone that signs up (for that race) be a Dist. member (somewhere and anywhere, not necessarily Dist. 37) Desert Vipers, did not agree with this new policy because it has drawn a large variety of riders (non-district and district alike) from all over. The D.V. Gran Prix in Adelanto, Calif. HAS drawn alot of racers/riders of various skills to this event and has as well drawn a big crowd of spectators. The community of Adelanto has done well with this event and welcomes it with open arms. I agree with D.V. in what they have done and Dist. 37 lost one of the best Clubs the District has ever seen (Remind you, this club is the one that has been trying to bring back the B to V) This club highly respects racers and riders as individuals and are trying to give everyone that opportunity to experience in racing a motorcycle.
Let me add one more tid-bit to this: Every year Desert Vipers has put the Adelanto G.P. on the same date (First week-end in Feb) well, guess what Dist 37 did? They put on another G.P./motocross on that same week-end at a different but not-so-far-away track. This year, I know alot of people from Dist. 37 attended the Adelanto G.P. instead of the Dist. 37 event.


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