Vintage racing in New Mexico


Baked Spud
Is there vintage motocross in the state of New Mexico?

I see that the Moriarty track has a vintage class listed, but I don't think they actually have any participation. Could be the track is to modern/technical/impossible for old guys on old bikes.

I've heard that the track up at Aztec has vintage races. Is this true?

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Damn Yankees
I'm not certain about Aztec, but the VDR track in Berthoud Co. has two Vintage events scheduled this summer. I am also trying to see if there is enough interest in this area to have a Vintage HS series this summer modeled after VDR's winter HS series.


Baked Spud
Are the dates set?
Are these races part of a series?
When would you have the HS?
Do you follow AHRMA rules?

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Damn Yankees
No dates yet...lot of hoops to go through!!!! But we need to see interest first. Looks like there is some around here. Stay tuned.


Big Pig
There is a Vintage class at Aztec i believe.
I've seen them racing.
(even got a little of it on video.
Was only 4 or 6 riders as i remember, but better than none i guess.
If you want more details call:

SunCountryCycles: 505-325-4195
PoorRichard'sCycles: 505-324-9423


Baked Spud
Could this be one of my first posts? Wonder why it's still here? Wonder why a guest was looking at it? hmmmmm
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