Jul 31, 2000
I think I need help. I find myself posting and reading more off topic stuff than ever before. I am being sucked in by an element that I never used to even ackowledge. By the way, this is by no means a complaint, yet an observation.
I used to come here and read and learn from people that I regard as very knowlegable and reputable. Posts used to be sound and usually readable.Most everything I know about my bikes I learned here.
I think that this has changed mainly due to posers and people that feel that they don't have to wipe their feet when they enter.
Sure, it is amusing at times to read some peoples personal vendettas, then again, it reminds me of the papers at the end of the gorcery store check out counter. I do not believe that it is your intention to take this site in that direction. It is sad that some members feel that this is a platform for their drivel.
I applaud RR's attempt to clean it up and hope that others will follow his direction. DRN still has a reputaion within the industry, and I for one would like to see it stay that way.
I am glad to be here and appreciate the work and effort you put in, I question all the complainers and their intentions.
Have a great weekend, see you on Monday.
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Max Factor

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Oct 18, 2000
I also agree with XR. However, I would suggest that every one of us in here (members only board) would agree as we so far are the only people (obviously aside from Okie and all the Mods) that have shown the dedication to assist in keeping the board alive and viable.

I could not be classed by any stretch of the imagination as a frequent poster (is that correct terminology? :think ) However, I visit virtually every forum and scan majority of threads around 3+ times / day. I love it. Dirtbikes are my passion.

However, I often have an uneasy feeling about posting. It's not a fear that I'll get burned by a mod. It is that I feel uneasy about posting advice and opinions due to the fact that every question ever asked on DRN seems to get a wide range of conflicting responses. I just don't want to get into pissing matches when I think they're wrong. Also, my methods of riding, maintenance and repair may not be text book, but I have had, ridden and rebuilt many, many, bikes from 10 years old to 27 and consider myself quietly competent in all these feilds.

I thrive on learning. I'm an Engineering manager and am studying for my MBA. Yet I seem to spend more time reading every single Dirt bike magazine printed and continuously scan the WWW for more and more.

The bottom line is that I think DRN rules. There are definitely posers. Some of them however can tolerated as they're a little innocent. There are 15 years olds out there with their first 125 and think they're suspension experts but hey, I think they're all right at heart. We were all young once (I guess I still am too) The tough guys "I know everything" posers "say it to my face" type........ the sooner they dissapear the better we'll all be. That's why deletion of posts works, not ridicule.

It's not an easy task. Regulating something like the internet never will be. I applaud your efforts and morale so far Okie, the site is, and should alwys be a winner. Particularly with the support and stance of people like Rich, Ivan, Patman and crew. I think it's fair to say that you've all got our support and intersests at heart.

Bottoms up guys. I've gotto slip back into the cover of night. ;)
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Pantless Wonder
Dec 26, 1999
I try to be here as much as possible but sometimes I miss stuff. With great members like you folks helping to keep an eye on things we can only get better! PLEASE if anyone sees something questionable email or PM me or any of the others and we'll try and jump on it before it goes sour.


I agree with all of the observations above. Everyone knows someone in almost every social/work circle they are involved in that just doesn't seem to get it or rubs someone the wrong way. I can't even imagine what it would take to try to stay on top of a cast of nearly 8000 characters like this. I come here a LOT because I just love this place! My own personal method in dealing with certain situations is to not get involved in someone else's pissing match.

Some of the regulars here have earned great respect from me and probably don't even know it. Some of those same people have have also made me laugh hysterically on more than one occaision and some of those same people have made me see red a few times.

My opinion? It's not worth me losing out on this site by letting it get to me. I have never had any personal attacks against me but I like to think that I could be big enough to let it go and not ruin the enjoyment I get from this place!

Being somewhat of a computer newbie, I lurked here for probably 4 months before joining. I felt that if I could offer someone just a little help every now and then, that I could repay this site for all of the knowledge, laughter and commeraderie (sp) that I personally get from here.

I believe that if I ever had a beef with this place so big that I felt I would have to leave, I would just bow out, unceremoniously, and that would be that. None of this mud-slinging, "If I'm going down, I'm talking as many with me as I can" bolony.

I love this place and I think that with so many folks here, there are bound to be cycles when it all seems like it is going down the tubes. But if you look at all the core members that post regularly, things don't really change much. You still get their vast knowledge, their sick senses of humor and it's all free for the taking. How can you beat that?

I've told Okie before and I'll say it here: I really appreciate having this site and I am very thankful for everyone that makes this place what it is. I can't imagine undertaking a task like starting and running this place! I don't always agree with everything that is said or that goes on here, but that's the way everything is in life and, for me, it's a small price to pay for what I get in return.

As far as people complaining about anyone making a profit here, I think it is the same as paying for a service that you really enjoy. The bike shops that I patronize get my business because I love going there and because they know me by name. Heck, they know me by voice when I call! I enjoy what they give me and like going there to socialize and trade knowledge. They are the kind of places that make everyone that comes through the door fell welcome whether they are a seasoned vet or the new guy off the street with a lot of stupid questions ( I know that guy very well!). Just like this place!

I do my best to try not to let the rough spots get me down. They will pass and we will continue to have a great place to hang out.:)

Sorry for rambling! Hope this made some sense.


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Mar 16, 2001
Charlestown, IN
Very well said, BigLou.


***** freak.
May 5, 2000
I couldn't have said it better, myself. Thanks, Lou. :)


Too much of a good thing.
Nov 22, 2000
My sentiments exactly. Thanks for the summation BigLou.


Damn Yankees
Nov 21, 2000
North East USA
Well said Lou!

I find that I have been posting less lately for a few reasons.

1) There are a lot of knowledgeable members out there. If a questions has already been answered and I don’t feel I can add anything, I won’t post. There’s nothing worse than having 15 people post the same answer (with various twists) for one question.
2) I have been very busy at work and I just don’t have the time to type up a good answer. I want to be complete and give a good explanation of my answer and if I can’t do it I pass.
3) Some of the posts have just been too crazy. Sometimes I want to put in my 2 cents but I really don’t want to get sucked into some debate that isn’t going anywhere. In fact when posts get like that I just stop reading them.

I think that DRN is a great site but my reason #3 is the main reason I haven’t posted more. I am RELIEVED that the admin and mods are taking steps to getting us back on track. I believe what they are doing is very good for DRN. I’ve seen several new members that started out as undesirables, become transformed into productive members. If people want to stay, they’ll conform.


I agree, RMGuy. Best to stay out of the big dung-flinging contests! You might get your eye put out! No sense in just adding to the chaos!

That's not to say that I don't have a spine (I keep it in my upper, left-hand drawer) or wouldn't stand up for my beliefs or my friends. It's just that the impersonality (is that even a word?) of all of this can make people act in ways that I'm sure they wouldn't in a "Real" social situation. Normally, I don't talk NEARLY this much in person. Lately though, I've certainly been a "Chatty Cathy"!

But hey, it's all good! Life is beautiful and I intend to enjoy it and try to waste as little time as possible with the negative distractions. This gets easier with age, mind you!;)

BTW-ST500, I sent you a PM about some mutual friends we have here in the KC area but I got an error message so I don't know if you'll see it or not. They tell me that you're more of a clean-freak than KDX220RM! I didn't think that was possible!!:p


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Mar 9, 2001
This is the most thought provoking thread I have read in a long time.I think I'm probably guilty of do alot of nonsence posting and adding my .02 to posts that have already been anwsered.

See I'm doing it again, I could've just read this and learned....but noooo I had to put my .02 in.

This is going to be tuff


Mr. Atlas
Jul 28, 2000
Originally posted by JPIVEY
This is the most thought provoking thread I have read in a long time.I think I'm probably guilty of do alot of nonsence posting and adding my .02 to posts that have already been anwsered.

See I'm doing it again, I could've just read this and learned....but noooo I had to put my .02 in.

This is going to be tuff
So naive... you obviously haven't been hanging around the clubhouse when I'm in. I'm like the old man at the end of the bar in Cheers. Nothin' but nonsense comin' outta my drooling mouth. At least everyone's polite and just kinda ignores me. Funny thing is, in real life, I'm one of the quietest people at the party. Go fig'.

And BigLou- 'bolony"? For shame, paisan, for shame. Or as my grandfather would have said- che pezzo stupido.;)


Sorry, Zio! My Italian's a little rusty. All my mom ever did was curse at me in Italian!:eek:

BTW-In two weeks I'll officially be known as "Godfather"! My sister's having her baby on the 17th (give or take). That means I'll have the authority to run around making people offers they can't refuse!;)


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Mar 9, 2001
Originally posted by BigLou
That means I'll have the authority to run around making people offers they can't refuse!;)

Has anyone seen my horse.....:eek:


Mr. Meltsomeglass
Jul 25, 1999
Big Lou

This has nothing to do with this thread, but, I just wanted to say why? why did you have to put the pic of the spodeless bike on your page? :eek: I had forgotten all about that :confused:
This year I hope to keep it on the wheels during the race


Sorry, John!

But I HAD to put my shiningest MX moment out there for all to see.:scream: I didn't mention any names! Now everyone will know! I thought maybe this year we could give a clinic on passing downed bikes!:D
That pic is a big hit with everyone that I show it to. I Email it out whenever the smack talk starts for the weekend rides with a caption stating something to the effect of "At least I've passed ONE guy in my career!"
I promise I'll fall off this year! Just make sure to have a camera nearby!LOL


I promised MXSparx that I wouldn't tell anyone that it was him.:eek: So I'm not saying a word.:D Not anymore, anyway.

And BTW-***Tangent Alert***Tangent Alert***
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