Did anyone see? Downhill BMX


Did you guys see this new X-Games event? I thought it was really interesting. Those tiny bikes would be hard to race on. Some of the doubles they were clearing...umm ummmmm... that really looked painful... no suspension other than arms and legs. Man in the last prelim there was some carnage. Like 5 guys all crashed on the same jump... ouch. That championship race was somethin too! Side by side comin up on the last 2 doubles. Guy on the green bike woulda won... crashed hard. What did you guys think? :cool:
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i watched a little of it. it's pretty impressive. i would like to see them do that on full suspension mountain bikes. that would be fun.


I saw some of it.Its pretty crazy looking.I would never try it.I was never very talented on a bike only stupid.:confused:


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I saw it and didn’t think I would even try some of those doubles on my dirtbike! :eek:


I saw bits of it, they had the track builder there with them explaining the course and that, looked good from where i was sitting. Me and a mate are off on sunday(no racing this weekend) to build some jumps, hopefully this summer ill be able to pull of a backflip into our pool(moved this year into a house that has a pool), me or MAKE my youger brother do it :p


Yeah its definatly cool, They pump in the air to put the bike where they want it and "stick" it on the landing ramp the way we use the brakes and throttle. The problem is there is no power, so if it looks like you might not make the landing ramp you cant do squat about it but case it :( . I would try it though I think. I have done some BMX dirt and ramp riding, I still mountain bike alot. I think Im too big for BMX now though. I still grab some of the neighborhood kids bikes and show em some tricks when they pester me to:) . Its jsut hard now that Im 6'1" these days and my knees hit the bars when I peadel :) .

Rock on X games.

P.S. Would the ratt punk that stole that guys Moto X bike in the parking lot of the FU center plese return it and go jump in the Delaware river with some lead boots on.


Yeah that sucked about those guys stealing Jake Windham's bike and that!! You think its hard at 6'1!! im 6'4 and a bit!! it may look stupid but its too much fun to give up, i cleared the walkway from our property the other day, the gap would be just over 2 metres, landed and then heard the tyre going down :(