Jun 19, 2000
I was just wondering why the districts have a difference in the classes for racers.
Example D-17 seems to have just the classes that run at Loretta Lynn's (+25),other districts run a +25 A & B,I've seen a +25 C class in OK.
and then there are 125 & 250 A,B,C,&D(beg.)
Is it up to the tracks what they wan't to spend money for trophies & such on?
Thanks for the info.<p align=right>07-10-2000 :Edited

AJ Waggoner

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Nov 5, 1999
The tracks can run any classes they want as long as they follow the AMA amateur rule book and guidlines.
They do not have to be classes that are in the rule book,but they have to seperate age groups for liabilty insurance reasons and saftey concerns.

You can have a purple bike 300cc only class if a promotor wants to do that.

As far as a recognized District class.It HAS to fall under the AMA guidlines as well,but you can offer more or less classes than outlined by the AMA.
All Districts decide these classes differently,but usually it is  by participation or demand.

An example would be in D-58( fictional)a "4 stroke 200cc D" class might be immensly popular for some reason( perhaps the local large dealer had a fire sale on XR200's),
so they offer that class , but in D-43 it has no participation so is not a recognized class.
That is why the AMA does not regulate class structure strickly ,other than the age brackets and displacements for liabilty.

  In D17 the classes that will be recognized as D17 classes and the ones that will be Year End Award paying are voted on by the D 17 Clubs and Promotors that form the AMA District 17 Club Council.
The meeting to vote in these rules and new/old classes is once per year and all the clubs /promotors are required to attend.<p align=right>07-10-2000 :Edited


Jun 19, 2000
Thanks for the info.I've heard the question about the different classes but nobody really knew the answer.Thanks again.
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