Donn Maeda (TWMX) Can kiss my.....


Oct 9, 2000
Early last April I subscribed to TransWorld Motocross over the internet site they have. If you subscribe they will send you the mag AND a free T-shirt. Seemed like a good deal. Well, they sure as hell took the money from my account, but, gee whiz no magazine. So I waited and waited. I finally called and e-mailed them about a month and a half ago and they told me that they had changed their servicing of how they handle subscriptions and there will be a delay in receiving the mag. How about the the T-shirt I asked. I had paid my FULL subscription, at least send that. Well, they informed me that they will send that at the time the mag starts. Donn Maeda, the editor of the mag e-mailed me after I e-mailed him and said for waiting he will send me some free stuff and back issues of the mag. Well, I had already bought the back issues, so keep those I said, but thanks in advance for the free stickers and such. Well, another 6 weeks and nothing. I have asked for a refund and yet nothing. If they can't handle the subscriptions, why the hell are they even advertising to subscribe!!??? They were real sure they got their money from my account I can tell you that. I know they have a good magazine, but the way they are handling this is a TOTAL scam. Donn Maeda flat out lied to me. I am sure they are busy, but they were not too busy to take my money.

Mark Parsons

May 10, 2000
I guess I got lucky. I subscribed by their 800 number and they started my subscription and sent my T-shirt out right away. I hope this will get straightened out for you.


Mr. Meltsomeglass
Jul 25, 1999
I subscribed from a fill in card from the mag. Recieved 2 issues and have seen nothing since :think
I guess there are NO good mags out there these days. :think


Damn Yankees
Nov 21, 2000
North East USA
I guess I got your Tee shirt!

I subscribed and got two shirts. It’s too bad you are having such problems since it really is a good mag.

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