EXC or MXC that is the question

Jul 20, 2000
I am trying to make the right choice for buying my new bike and I am torn between the KTM EXC and MXC. I wish to remain in the four stroke family, and have enjoyed my DRZ400E. But I am ready for a lighter 4 stroke to chase the Harescramble SETRA series. :)

Is the MXC leaning more towards the Motocross side, or the Harescramble side. I would like to occasionally take the bike to a track and ride MX, but I really want the emphasis on Harescrambles. My DRZ is just too dang big to throw around the MX track.

Any help on this topic will be considered as a great help. And is the 500 series too big? Even though it is still about thirty pounds lighter than the DRZ.
Jun 3, 2002
The MXC and EXC are basically the same bike, except for the type of transmission, flywheel weight, and lights. The EXC has a heavier flywheel weight and a wide ratio tranny, head and taillight. The MXC comes with a lighting coil, but no head or taillight, a lighter flywheel weight, and a close ratio tranny just like the SX.

The EXC would be closer related to the KDX and the MXC would be closer related to the KX250. Basically both bikes have the same engine. The MXC has more of a mx style fender on the back while the exc has an enduro intricated into the rear fender.


I just made the switch.

From the DRZ to a 250MXC. Here's what I know for sure: The MXC has the same flywheel weight and the lighting coil, but is without the lights at each end. The EXC has the lights and a wider ratio transmission. I've found that I shift a bit more on the track with the MXC compared to the DRZ, but it's not that big of a deal. Also, I find the suspension to be like a hovercraft in comparison to the DRZ's. It probably has something to do with the extra weight of the bike!;)

I think you will be pleasantly surprized with the KTM!:)

Jun 3, 2002
Ok, I talked to my buddy that has both the exc and mxc version of the 250, and the MXC version has a slighty less flywheel weight than the EXC and the MXC has a higher ignition coil voltage than the EXC for a hotter spark.

He said if you were strictly going for hairscrambles, he would strongly recommend the EXC as it has higher speed pickup than the MXC, but since you mentioned you want to do mx, he strongly recommended the MXC which would give you the best in both worlds. But if speed is a concern, you should stick with the EXC. I guess its all related to the close ratio verses the wide ratio tranny.


Jul 21, 1999
Lot of conflicting information here. Remember that the RFS specs are not the same as the 2 strokes.

I'm pretty sure the MXC and EXC RFS's have the exact same motor in every way, ignition and flywheel included. The suspension is for sure the same between each bike so MXing either one will be the same experience except that the wider MXC tank (I own both tanks so I know) will make it harder to stay up over the front wheel.

The tranny ratio is not that much different on the 6 speed RFS trannys so I wouldn't let that factor into it. And with both being 6 speeds, even the slightly closer MXC ratio is plenty fast on top.
Mar 12, 2000
The EXCs seem to be holding their value the best of the RFS models if that means anything to you. There are several dealers with SXs and MXCs on the floor whereas, the EXCs are virtually all sold out. I'm sure if you hunted around you would find some EXCs, but you will find a lot more MXCs around. Most guys seem to want the wider ratio tranny and I like the lights for the occasional dirt road ride. I have my 400EXC licenced for the street but only ride it on the backroads to connect trails.

May 4, 2001
The EXC and MXC are the same except the tank\shrouds, headlight-taillight, ODO, and trans ratios. Suspensions are the same, as are the engines. The EXC is probably the more desireable, and harder to come by. The smaller tank makes the bike feel lighter and therefore more nimble(my O2), even though its really not. If you liked the DRZ you will love the 520EXC.


Aug 15, 2000
The RFS MXC models were delivered later so perhaps that is why there are still some left. Earlier in the year I had no problem locating new EXC thumpers but there were no MXCs to be found. New for '01 the MXC is obviously the rarer version.

First gear is about 18% lower in the EXC, second 9%, sixth is 6% taller. That is a significant difference IMO and easily noticed. The 520 SX shares the first four gears with the MXC, so for moto I guess the MXC, harescrambles/enduros the EXC. In really tight stuff you may not like the taller first gear of the MXC.

Since the tank and light can be easily swapped I'd say the tranny is the deciding factor, although parts swapping on a KTM is never cheap...

The only difference between the 520 and 400 is the displacement, the bigger motor is very fast but IMO the power is easy to manage. The 400 is like a big, fast (but light) electric motor. Either one is the easiest to ride yet still fast bike I've ever been on (but I currently ride a 426).

If you get the 400 you will have to put up with a bunch of loud blue thumpers getting the holeshot at the track, but the 520 is too fast for that.
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