First ride back after my wreck...


Sep 19, 2003
It was ride #5 for me, and my first after my broken hand healed up. I had a blast but, boy am I sore!

We spent close to 5 hours riding in terrain varied from rocky roads to a sand pit with a few small jumps. No wreck for me, though I fell sideways a few times. I'll learn how to not do that eventually.

Funny thing... while I was healing I swapped out the old, worn rubber for some new. While heading to a dropoff/jump that I had done a few times yesterday I thought, "I'll give it a little stank this time." If I had done it with my old tires it would have lofted me gently off the edge to a nice smooth (for me) landing. With the new tires I hooked right up and stood on my tail as I went over the lip. :ohmy: Luckily I landed it. It ended up happening a few times, though... I'm gonna have to learn about traction, I guess.

Anyway, no real point to this, I just wanted to share. =)


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