May 3, 2001
wanted to set the float level on 01 200 but the float does not look the same as the one pictured. The bottom is triangular shaped.The leve is already set very close the carb body.


Jan 2, 2001
I have an 01'200 and just reset the float level.I checked it because I've had some trouble jetting the bike on the slow circiut.The original setting looked like it was off by about 2-3mm.(not enough gas was being let into the bowl)On the pastic float there is a seam that should run parallel to the carb body.I just bent the tang until the seam of the float was even with the carb body.It had a positive effect but I'm still at a loss when it comes to setting the air screw for any given day.The dramatic temp ranges in VT have been crazy this summer.One day its 59* and the next it's 89*.Temps aside,it bothers me that when I follow the guidelines for jetting the pilot jet ,the air screw seems to have very little effect.After the bike is warmed up and I open the air screw to 1/8 ,start the bike,and turn it counterclockwise to make the idle increase,the rpms never change.It's as if I need a leaner pilot jet(40 instead of a 42):confused: Hopefully someone with more experience can set me straight on this:think Porter.

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