Jun 7, 2001
hey guys,
i was pulling my motor apart after determining i needed to replace all the lower end seals on my 85 kdx. As soon as i pulled the flywheel i noticed that one of the magnets had broken of, and borken in half. i have no clue how this happened, but it would be a 450 dollar part to replace and the bike is only worth 5 in good shape. i was told by a few people that i could jsut epoxy the magnet back together and put it back on the flywheel. would this work ? obviously the balance would have to be asjusted but woudl the epoxy be strong enough to handle the forces on the magnets? thanks for any help


Aug 2, 2000
First of all, I'm sure someone will have a junk bike around that you can get the flywheel off of if you just start asking.

Did you use the proper flywheel puller (internal) or did you use a generic puller. If you didn't use the proper puller then that is probably what broke the flywheel.:(


Mar 15, 2001
450 dollars???

That happened to me too. I had my dealer price a new flywheel and stator. The flywheel was 150 and the stator was 225. This is an 89 rmx250 by the way. The ignition cover had a hole that i wasnt aware of and everything was rusted. Well the flywheel magnets were broken off and 1 is in pieces. So when it broke all the magnets just beat the stator to the point of no return. The wires are cut and the metal end of the prongs are broken.

As for epoxing the magnets back on DONT DO IT!!! It looks like mine were epoxied on too by the previous owner. It ran for 6 monthes after I bought it, then it broke and this is what happened. Its going to cost me about 450 to fix everything on my bike now. :(
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