Feb 14, 2001
I have a 2000 yz 125.I bought it about 4 months ago and have had no complaints except with the front forks.They seem to be way to stiff and harsh.They have been re-valved and set-up by JM racing out of houston.For a guy around 190 pounds.While I weigh 140.I do have the money right now to get the front forks re-valved to my weight and sized by either Pro-Action or MX-Tech, but not enough for both the forks and shock.The shock seems to be alright for now.I was wondering what are yalls opinions on this?Should I get my forks set-up for my weight and wait to get the shock done later or try to set up the front by my self(new springs etc.) and if so do it myself where is a good place to get a guideline on the size spring for certain weights?Thanks
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