Master of None
Jul 31, 2000
alright I was looking my '93 KDX over the other day and I noticed that somehow the portion of the frame that juts out right in front of the water pump (thin tubular area) has been bent back up into the water pump. As far as I can tell everything is alright, I had a devol water pump guard on (now creased) but am wondering what to do about the frame, should I bent it back out and then have it welded? Anyone thought of reinforcing this area of the frame? How about a skid plate would it help out at all? I'm kinda bummed out and would like some added protection.
Thanks for any help you might be able to provide.

BTW those water pump guards really work wonders.

'84 Can-Am ASE 250 (brutally fast rat bike)
'93 Kawasaki KDX200 (big bore kit, A-Loop suspension, FMF pipe)
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