Jul 3, 2001
I broke my rear fender in half on a hill climb gone wrong and was wondering about replacements. I see that KX fenders work, but I would really like the OEM GG fender with the Hebo graphic on it. See this pic to see what Im talking about. http://groups.msn.com/KDXRidersCommunity/fattykspics.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=611

My bike is a 99 with '00 graphics and maybe '00 shrouds also but Im not sure (bought bike used).
Are there any members that know if that fender is a 99 or '00, or a 99 fender with the '00 graphic. Also, are OEM GG fenders decently priced compared to the Acerbis KX fenders? I think the plastic is made by Hebo.



Jan 13, 2003
G'day FattyK: Tom at rivercity cycle here in kamloops b.c. should be able to supply you with any GG parts that you may need.They are a GG dealer/they just don't advertise it very much. www.rivercitycycle.com is their web page. Tom is an awsome mechanic also if you need one.


Aug 25, 2000
Also keep in mind when you are pricing the fender that the GG part, with graphics is going to be singificantly more expensive than the "bare" fender. When calling, price them both ways, if that year in fact comes that way. I know for my 2003 they are available with and without graphics, but the price difference is considerable.


Dec 3, 2001
Hey Kyle The fender graphics are off a 99 as I know Gord only changed the seat and shroud graphics. Try Brian at Okanagan motorsports in Summerland, he is our newest GG dealer. If he can't help try Don at Mountain in Vancouver. I saw you guys on the long weekend in Bear creek, you should have stopped and came for a ride with us.


Aug 30, 2003
those graphics are definitely 00. the 99's were baby blue, white, and blue. no yellow anywhere. smackover has every thing that you need but gas gas riders org can help you on what you want to change out for the cheaper price than those originals. get the 00 seat shrouds and tank if you like sitting on the tank. it will make the tight cornering better.
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