GG EC300 vs KTM 200EXC: Final questions...

Mar 11, 2001
OK, sorry to bother again but im kinda of peaky when choosing a new nike ;-)
Here it goes...i finally received the engine workshop manual for the 200exc and a parts manual for the GasGas bikes.
I notice the following in their engines and i appreciate that (if you can) clarify me:

1- The "free" gears of the 200exc are mounted
with bearing sleeves in the shafts...
Whats this thing of a "bearing sleeve" ?
A kind of caged/whatever needle bearing or
a kind of bronze bushing ? GasGas "free"
gears are mounted directly in the shaft in their majority...i wonder whats more reliable.

2- I noticed that GasGas clutchs
uses rubber dampers to absorb energy and
reduce risk of premature failure of the
primary transmission....i did also notice
that its clear that the 200exc clutch system
is not possible to repair like the GasGas
clutch replacing the rubber dampers,
infact, KTM doesnt even mention the
existance of them in the clutch ...but no matter that, i notice that 200exc clutch also
uses 8 primary gear rivets to get everything
togheter it possible that the 200exc also
has the rubber dampers in the clutch no
matter they cant be replaced or is the 200exc
clutch undumped like the
400/520 EXC clutchs ?

3- GasGas bikes have a glass window to
check gearbox oil about the
200exc ? How is it checked ?

If possible, i appreciate also any info about the
250/300 exc on these 3 final points.

TIA in all your final help to choose the right
bike for my needs...

Amandio J.S. Bacalhau < '96 KTM LC4 620 >
Mar 11, 2001
Originally posted by Josh Cook:
I imagine you could get a GG pretty easily given your location....
Actually, no.
You know, after 8 centuries of wars against
Spain anything that cames from that country is still seen with suspicious eyes by the majority of our population so, GasGas bikes are kinda of a rare bird here ;-)

Right now, i must confess that im included in
that group of Portuguese.
Any way, im more interested in the answers about the KTMs in special because i just checked gearbox ratios of the 200EXC vs GasGas and i find out that will be simpler to have the almost perfect final gearing with the
200EXC than any other 2S for my needs which is a mix of high speeds with dificult ground .

Im just concerned with what is that thing that
KTM calls "bearing sleeve" (and about if there is actually some damper system in the clutch system even if we can repare it)...

Im just hoping that the " bearing sleeve" its not a bronze bushing actually.
My ex-DR350 had one in the 6th gear and it failed making a catastrophic gearbox failure.
(more than 1000 USD to repair :-(

Amandio J.S. Bacalhau < '96 KTM LC4 620 >

Mar 7, 2001
I haven't read your other posts regarding the purchase of your next bike, but if engine durability is your major concern, look at a TM. The TM motor is virtually bullet-proof, they are also used in shifter carts that put a a tremendous amount of stress on the whole engine: big tires, high rev'sfor extended periodds of time, and no wheel slippage. The rest of the bike is well designed as well. Other than some engine vibration (I don't know why) and clutch drag, the bikes are hard to fault.
Jun 6, 2000
I read somewhere that the TM in the only mfg. that uses water cooling passages around the main bearings.

'00 GasGas XC250


Dec 6, 1999
On #3, the KTM's use a bolt you remove to check oil levels. If oil runs out, it's full.
I never use it on mine since I change oil every 100 miles. I simply pour in the required amount at every change.

GasGas EC200
KTM 125 Enduro


Mar 11, 2001
Originally posted by KDXfile:
On #3, the KTM's use a bolt you remove to check oil levels. If oil runs out, it's full.
I never use it on mine since I change oil every 100 miles. I simply pour in the required amount at every change.
Thanks ! So, its the traditional system.
BTW, yesterday i received the 250/300/380
workshop manual...and i love that engines !
Lots of needle bearings in the "free" gears
just like i wanted plus a dampned clutch that can be repaired !
Still, the 200 is still a great bike and if i only knew that the clutch has also the rubber
dampners and what was that thing of "bearing sleeves",i still prefer it.


Amandio J.S. Bacalhau < '96 KTM LC4 620 >