May 19, 2001
ok i bought a set of slik graphics and seat cover off ebay. upon opening the package that the graphics were in i noticed that there was a piece of paper stuck to the right tank graphic. naturally i pulled it off and it was the directions for installation. then i looked at the graphic and the printing from the instructions were on the graphics and it was really bad. i am wondering what to do. i tried to scrape it off with my nails i tried rubbing alcohol and windex and some loc. nothing worked should i just call up slick and tell them about it to see if they will replace just that piece for free or even a small fee. i mean i got the graphic seat cover combo for 41 dollars so im not gonna make a muff about this but i cant put them on it looks really bad. if anyone knows what will remove the ink/screen print (not really sure what the writing is made of) but will not harm the decale in any way. please let me know.:silly:
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