Hard to start

I leaned out my carb a week ago to help out on bottom end resposne. The bike runs alot better but is very hard to start when cold.Today I finally pulled it to get it started. once you start it the first time it will start the first kick the rest of the day. Any suggestions on how to start it when it is cold.
94 KDX 250


Mod Ban
Mine usually starts right up with 2 or 3 good healthy kicks. It also helps to turn the airscrew in a half turn to start it, then turn it back out once the engine starts to warm. If the bike is a real bear to start when cold, the enrichener jet could be plugged, or the air-bleed port leading to it from the carb mouth could be clogged with filter oil (this has happened to me). My bike is not a hard starter hot or cold, so I don't see why yours should be.
I will be riding tomorrow and will try adjusting the air scew like you recomend. If this does not work I will check for any blockage. If this does'nt help I will get back with you. Thanks

Jim Crenca

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I have a 94 KDX200 and have had minor strating problems with during jetting sessions. What has always worked for me with cold starting is to lean the bike over on left side (like an old open bike) for a second & then give it 1 good kick with the choke on & throttle off.