Feb 1, 2001
We are going to go again. We are going to go to the Williamson trail on Friday the 27th and Bear Wallow on the 28th. Some are camping and some are staying in the Super 8 in Logan. We have a couple of DRNers...... Did I just make up a new word?????? Kelvinkdx and I will take some people from work and put on a training camp.;) Applicatikons are being accepted. If anyone wants to come they are welcome to hang with. We know where the cool stuff is in Logan. It is the first time for us in Williamson.

Just for the record, none of us liked the trail near Man. Toooooo easy.


Jun 3, 2000
If you didn't like the trail near Man you won't like the one near Williamson either. You should ride it any though. Riding into town in Matewan is great. Have fun on the ride, I might drive up for some riding Saturday. If I make it I'll be on a XR650R with number 528, stop and say hey if you see me.
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