HELP... My forks are making a bad noise


Apr 2, 2001
When i took my bike (96'CR250) of the stand today, i pushed down on the forks and they made this weird noise that i've never heard before. I think it's coming from the left side. The forks still work smoothly, but this isn't good. I think something is broken in there or something. When i push down it sounds like an old spring(it makes a clunking noise). I dont know how this all of a sudden happened. I went for a quick 1/2 hour ride last night, but i wasn't jumping. The last time i jumped this bike was a month ago at an MX track. The bike has been bottomed out (lots of rubber under the fenders) lots because of the really soft suspension. I've never had a pair of forks apart before and i dont got a manual, so i'm not looking forward to fixing this . Can anyone help me? Thanks
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